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[:en]Pyrus pyrifolia Flowers[:zh]沙梨的花[:]

[:en]Pyrus pyrifolia Flowers[:zh]沙梨的花[:]

[:en]Traditionally in East Asia the tree’s flowers are a popular symbol of early spring, and it is a common sight in gardens and the countryside.  The fruits are not generally baked in pies or made into jams because they have a high water content and a crisp, grainy texture, very different from the European varieties. They are commonly served raw and peeled.[5] The fruit tends to be quite large and fragrant, and when carefully wrapped (it has a tendency to bruise because of its juiciness), it can last for several weeks or more in a cold, dry place.[:zh]沙梨(Pyrus pyrifolia)屬薔薇科植物,落葉喬木。葉子為卵形或長橢圓形,先端長而尖,葉緣有刺芒狀的鋸齒;白色花6-9朵,傘形總狀花序,4-5個花柱,光滑而無毛;圓錐形或扁圓形,褐色、黃色或綠色的果實,萼片常脫落。


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